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Lakewood Conservatory of Fine Arts opens with fanfare

Lakewood Conservatory of Fine Arts opens with fanfare

Founders Ewa Korzeniowska and Eva Brandys

A Ribbon Cutting was held on Saturday, Jan. 30 for the Lakewood Conservatory of Fine Arts on Gaston Ave. next door to Cane Rosso.
Lakewood Conservatory of Fine Arts is the first fine arts environment in Dallas to extend art, dance and music curriculums. Co-founders Brandys’ and Korzeniowska’s vision is not only to identify and refine young talent but ignite camaraderie amongst students of the varying disciplines and dreams.

Founders are:

Eva Brandys—Pianist, founder and Director of five year old Park Cities School of Music (PCSM) and Co-Founder of Lakewood Conservatory of Fine Arts (LCFA). A Poland native with a Masters of Music in Music Education and Piano Pedagogy from Southern Methodist University and a Bachelors in Piano Performance from Dallas Baptist University. Eva has over two decades of experience as a piano instructor in both private and group settings.

Ewa Korzeniowska—Painter, Director and Co-founder of Lakewood Conservatory of Fine Arts.  A childhood spent at her grandparent’s music school and a family heritage of opera singers, pianists, guitarists and violinists inspires Ewa’s cultural and business influence in the Lakewood fine arts program.

Photo by Deborah Brown

Key to photo

Ewa Korzeniowska and Eva Brandys

Invitation to Lakewood Conservatory of Fine Arts GRAND OPENING‏

Hello Friends,

We are hosting a celebratory opening event on January 30th. There will be performances by the staff of both schools and students in addition to some fun kid activities, pizza, sweet treats, popcorn, giveaways and more. Director, Eva Brandys, will be performing 2 original compositions that include dance choreography by Dallas Neo-Classical Ballet, performing visual artist by Maribel Soto Matias, and accompanying musicians: Mark Landson (Open Classical) on violin and Hilda Heimisdottir (PCSM) on cello.  The invite is attached—feel free to share. For more information go to

Hope you can attend!
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“I Don’t Want to Take Lessons Anymore!” An Interesting Look at Why Students Choose to Stop Lessons

)photo credit: 2014; CART; CALI; faculty; music, Anthony Mazzocchi, Grammy Nominee)
Anthony Mazzocchi (photo credit:

Here at Park Cities School of Music (PCSM) & Lakewood Conservatory of Fine Arts (LCFA), we are constantly trying to look over our curriculum and practices, making sure we’re doing all we can to maximize students’ love of music, as well as providing all the necessary tools to make their music education experience be top-notch. Still, we, as do all other music schools & studios, do have students end their lessons. It’s of interest to us to see why it is students are stepping away. Is there a common theme? Is there are ‘common denominator’? Do we see any patterns emerge in terms of the history of the student as a student that we could have noticed?

In our work, we came across Grammy-nominated music educator Anthony Mazzocchi’s blog ( post about this very topic, but it allowed us to view our diagnostic work in a very different light. We wanted to share a link to this post from earlier this year because we thought it would be a very enlightening read for our families and followers:

We certainly hope we’ve provided some insight into our continual push for excellence in all we do for our families. It’s humbling to know that so many in our community (Park Cities, Lakewood, and surrounding) allow our schools into their child’s life, and we take that responsibility very seriously.

The First Days of School — Why Is It So Hard To Let Go?

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photo credit:

The first day of school can be rough for many families. Sure, there are the veteran parents that have navigated the morning craziness entailed in getting the whole family out the door on time & seem to have it all together in terms of scheduling and strategy. But, for the most part, a lot of stress, sadness, and anxiety come with the kiddos heading back to school. Local & national news teams take the time to do human interest stories on how students & parents react to the first day(s), but for those of you that tracked your friends’/families/colleagues’ social media pics about the first day, you’ll notice that many of the parents had the hardest time letting go. Some parents feel a little empty while others are just generally a little sad. Then, you have the parents (namely, Mom) that are absolute wrecks!

While we here at PCSM/LCFA don’t have all of the answers, we figured we’d at least let you know that you are not alone if you feel that starting, or returning to, school has been rough on you. Here are a few articles about the subject, even with a little info for the other end of the start-of-school spectrum as you may have a kid (or kiddos) leaving for college. We hope that these articles bring you some level of peace of mind.

PCSM/LCFA 2015-2016 Event Calendar

It’s amazing that we are about to embark upon the 2015-2016 school year. It will be Park Cities School of Music’s fifth school year in operation. The community has been vital to our success, and, as always, we extend a big “Thank you” to everyone.

The main purpose of this blog post is simply to bring you the 2015-2016 event calendar for Park Cities School of Music (PCSM). Moreover, our sister school, Lakewood Conservatory of Fine Arts (LCFA) will be operating from the same calendar starting in January 2016. LCFA has an anticipated opening in Fall 2015, so as enrollment begins for LCFA, Park Cities School of Music will aid with the enrollment process. If you are in the Lakewood area of Dallas and are interested in enrolling with LCFA, you may contact PCSM Assistant Director Kathleen Arellano at 214-455-1477 and LCFA Director Ewa Korzeniowska at 214-843-2060. Lakewood Conservatory of Fine Arts will be located at 7328 Gaston Ave., Dallas, TX 75214