You Can’t Always Judge A Book By Its Cover

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Music is such a beautiful thing for many reasons, but it is certain to always elicit a response from the listener. There are casual music listeners and then there are fervent supporters of entire genres. It is also the subjective nature of music that can create the the most galvanized and ardent opinions held about other genres.

“I don’t like rap.”

“Pop music is so fake!”

“Rock is nothing but badly played blues, and it’s too loud!”

We here at Park Cities School of Music (PCSM) & Lakewood Conservatory of Fine Arts (LCFA) feel that ALL genres of music have merit, regardless of our faculty’s and students’ particular personal tastes. It is this perspective that allows us as instructors to work with students from all walks of life, socioeconomic statuses, and cultural backgrounds. To be frank, we do, by default, tend to have a classical leaning when it comes to our instruction and presentation, but all forms of music are welcome. As such, we invite you all to take a chance and explore another genre of music that falls a bit out of your usual palette. You never know; you may actually like what you hear. Think, too, of the title of this post. What you see/hear isn’t always what it seems. As a parting reminder of this mantra, we leave you with a look at Gustav Holst’s The Planets, Op. 32: Mars, The Bringer of War and Black Sabbath’s namesake song off their first album, simply titled “Black Sabbath”. Inspiration, it seems, can come from anywhere so long as there is an open mind to accept it.




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