“I Don’t Want to Take Lessons Anymore!” An Interesting Look at Why Students Choose to Stop Lessons

)photo credit: http://www.musicparentsguide.com/sample-page/ 2014; CART; CALI; faculty; music, Anthony Mazzocchi, Grammy Nominee)
Anthony Mazzocchi (photo credit: http://www.musicparentsguide.com/sample-page/)

Here at Park Cities School of Music (PCSM) & Lakewood Conservatory of Fine Arts (LCFA), we are constantly trying to look over our curriculum and practices, making sure we’re doing all we can to maximize students’ love of music, as well as providing all the necessary tools to make their music education experience be top-notch. Still, we, as do all other music schools & studios, do have students end their lessons. It’s of interest to us to see why it is students are stepping away. Is there a common theme? Is there are ‘common denominator’? Do we see any patterns emerge in terms of the history of the student as a student that we could have noticed?

In our work, we came across Grammy-nominated music educator Anthony Mazzocchi’s blog (http://www.musicparentsguide.com) post about this very topic, but it allowed us to view our diagnostic work in a very different light. We wanted to share a link to this post from earlier this year because we thought it would be a very enlightening read for our families and followers:


We certainly hope we’ve provided some insight into our continual push for excellence in all we do for our families. It’s humbling to know that so many in our community (Park Cities, Lakewood, and surrounding) allow our schools into their child’s life, and we take that responsibility very seriously.


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