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Lakewood Conservatory of Fine Arts opens with fanfare

Lakewood Conservatory of Fine Arts opens with fanfare

Founders Ewa Korzeniowska and Eva Brandys

A Ribbon Cutting was held on Saturday, Jan. 30 for the Lakewood Conservatory of Fine Arts on Gaston Ave. next door to Cane Rosso.
Lakewood Conservatory of Fine Arts is the first fine arts environment in Dallas to extend art, dance and music curriculums. Co-founders Brandys’ and Korzeniowska’s vision is not only to identify and refine young talent but ignite camaraderie amongst students of the varying disciplines and dreams.

Founders are:

Eva Brandys—Pianist, founder and Director of five year old Park Cities School of Music (PCSM) and Co-Founder of Lakewood Conservatory of Fine Arts (LCFA). A Poland native with a Masters of Music in Music Education and Piano Pedagogy from Southern Methodist University and a Bachelors in Piano Performance from Dallas Baptist University. Eva has over two decades of experience as a piano instructor in both private and group settings.

Ewa Korzeniowska—Painter, Director and Co-founder of Lakewood Conservatory of Fine Arts.  A childhood spent at her grandparent’s music school and a family heritage of opera singers, pianists, guitarists and violinists inspires Ewa’s cultural and business influence in the Lakewood fine arts program.

Photo by Deborah Brown

Key to photo

Ewa Korzeniowska and Eva Brandys

Invitation to Lakewood Conservatory of Fine Arts GRAND OPENING‏

Hello Friends,

We are hosting a celebratory opening event on January 30th. There will be performances by the staff of both schools and students in addition to some fun kid activities, pizza, sweet treats, popcorn, giveaways and more. Director, Eva Brandys, will be performing 2 original compositions that include dance choreography by Dallas Neo-Classical Ballet, performing visual artist by Maribel Soto Matias, and accompanying musicians: Mark Landson (Open Classical) on violin and Hilda Heimisdottir (PCSM) on cello.  The invite is attached—feel free to share. For more information go to

Hope you can attend!
Lakewood Conservatory of Fine Arts Opening Celebration Invite.jpg

PCSM/LCFA 2015-2016 Event Calendar

It’s amazing that we are about to embark upon the 2015-2016 school year. It will be Park Cities School of Music’s fifth school year in operation. The community has been vital to our success, and, as always, we extend a big “Thank you” to everyone.

The main purpose of this blog post is simply to bring you the 2015-2016 event calendar for Park Cities School of Music (PCSM). Moreover, our sister school, Lakewood Conservatory of Fine Arts (LCFA) will be operating from the same calendar starting in January 2016. LCFA has an anticipated opening in Fall 2015, so as enrollment begins for LCFA, Park Cities School of Music will aid with the enrollment process. If you are in the Lakewood area of Dallas and are interested in enrolling with LCFA, you may contact PCSM Assistant Director Kathleen Arellano at 214-455-1477 and LCFA Director Ewa Korzeniowska at 214-843-2060. Lakewood Conservatory of Fine Arts will be located at 7328 Gaston Ave., Dallas, TX 75214


“Back-to School” Time Management

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Hey, loyal PCSoM blog readers! It has been quite the summer session at our school. Usually, the summer presents a small dip in activity, with both families & faculty activity schedules changing drastically between June through August. Apparently, though, someone forget to let Summer 2015 know that because we have seen a whirlwind of activity throughout the summer. Camps were out of sight, we added new faculty members while also saying good-bye to familiar faces, and if you’ve been a fairly diligent follower of all PCSoM social media, you noticed that our sister school, Lakewood Conservatory of Fine Arts (LCFA), is expected to make its debut in

October 2015. You gotta give us points for being over-achievers. 🙂 It’s one thing to have a busier-than-usual time of year, but to be opening up another school all at the same time just seems nutty! Still, it means that the community at large is talking about us, and our reputation for quality music education is spreading, and we can’t thank you enough! 😀

This ever-present buzz of movement got us thinking, and when it came time to understanding our successful orchestration of chaos, we succeeded by something as simple as time management. Everyone had tasks to complete; we just had to be as efficient as possible in completing those tasks. As the new scademic year approaches, it’s important to know that time management is a pivotal part of a child’s life. Racing back and forth from activity to activity is the new reality, but making it all work doesn’t have to be a terrible burden. Better yet, get your kids to help in the process. By helping them see how organizing their time makes life easier to navigate, you’re teaching them a life skill.

In the interest of honesty & transparency, we admit that the whole notion of time management is a vital part of what we do at Park Cities School of Music. We teach music, and in order for our students to develop, they have to practice. In order for practice to take place, it needs to be part of student’s weekly schedule, though no teacher would mind have a few “daily practitioners.” 🙂 Here are a few links to help guide you to kid-friendly family scheduling sanity as the new school year is within arm’s reach. Enjoy!

The Work is Never Done at Park Cities School of Music

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It’s amazing to think that we are already one-fourth done with 2015! Wasn’t 2014 just here a second ago?!? Then again, for the weary folk that go into work day in and day out, there is no clear start or stop to work. These warriors of the workplace are driven by a work ethic that keeps them moving forward. An extra cup of coffee, a kind-of-healthy-but-not-really-healthy muffin (or two), and they are off!

We here at PCSoM can definitely relate (cue the reason for the puppy picture). It’s important to note that while we operate as a school & have specific starts and ends to semesters, we actually operate 365 days a year. Ask any of the instructors at the school, and they’ll tell you it’s a job that never really has a clear “end.” This kind of work can tiring, and as you’re recovering from an event (or two), there is the next event, and the next performance, and the next lesson…and it goes on.

There is the setting of the school year calendar for the following school year, which starts as early as May or June, which is essentially as the previous Spring semester is ending. Calendars from area public schools, private schools, and charter schools are used as the basis for our calendar dates. Moreover, we also pay attention to religious calendars as well as government holidays. Sometimes, we can’t avoid conflict, but hashing out a calendar as we pour over numerous other calendars is an exhausting task.

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Soon after a school year ends, evaluation of policy and procedures takes place. No matter how hard you plan, there are always a few things that need tweaking. We receive input from our instructors, families, and the community as a whole for ways to improve. PCSoM finds it vital to constantly re-evaluate. Too often, complacency sets in & a school/business/office lets things slide. This can be detrimental to success, and it sends a negative message to the public. Our school always pushes for excellence, even if it means that we need to change something.

PCSoM offers music camps every summer (, and that takes careful planning so as to not interfere with our regular lessons, which are always in session. Planning of these camps takes place as we emerge from the holiday break and start Spring semester. This, in turn, means that our director, Eva Brandys, and her prospective camp “counselors” are going back & forth over the holiday break. With an international staff, that can be quite a task.

We offer auditions for performances multiple times a year, and this requires time and energy from administrative personnel and faculty members. With each performance calling on different presentations of performers, new groups and ensembles are formed, thereby necessitating a rehearsal day and time. This is a year-round process as are provided with performance opportunities being offered to us from all over the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

PCSoM offers instrument rentals, and with this comes the physical maintenance of the instruments, not to mention the maintenance of the inventory. Strings have to be changed, fingerboards have to be re-glued, rosin has to be replaced, case linings even have to be cleaned! There is also the maintenance of our in-house pianos. They are tuned regularly because when you have the number of students that we do come through and play on the piano (gently or otherwise), there is definitely a need to make sure that they are in great playing condition.

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With the exception of a few larger pieces and some glossier materials, our school prints all of the materials in the school. Fliers, ads, posters, welcome packets, school calendars, it all comes from our office. When it comes to our recitals, with the exception of once over the course of four years, we’ve printed our programs. We maintain and update master copies of nearly everything in our office, so when you do receive something from a teacher or administrative personnel, it’s a a piece of us.

Preparation for recital pieces takes place all the time, but certainly at the halfway point of each semester, a piece is being chosen and worked on regularly until showtime. Master classes are offered for recital etiquette, and we also bring in guest performers and masters of their craft to present master classes for our students.

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Certainly, we could keep going, but our main point in this post is to get across just how much everyone at Park Cities School of Music works to make our school run. Our dogged work ethic and need to succeed goes beyond personal achievement and becomes a matter of pride.  Once in a while, we are able to slow down like our little corgi friend here, but we know there is work to do, and all of you are depending on us to do great things.

As always, thank you for your continued support of PCSoM because without you, it wouldn’t be possible. Check out our piano lab project (still plenty of time to donate and earn great rewards:, and we’ll see you bright & early tomorrow morning!