Photo/Artwork Credits

Photo Credit:

As is the case in all matters concerning the sharing of material, it is always important to give credit where it is due. With that, this page will be updated on a regular basis so as to include credit from where any photo, or artist’s rendering, was retrieved.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are now adding a photo credit on each image that we use (see image to the left). If you happen upon any image that you feel is an infringement on your copyright as the rightful artist, please contact us, and we will immediately remove the image.




Headphones/Pregnant Woman:

Beethoven Bear & Mozart Mouse:

Retro Kids and Instruments:

Confused Dog:


Practice Article Photo:

Stressed Out Child:

Present Photo:

Microphone/Rap Photo:



Show Choir Picture:

Parent/Teacher Conference Picture:

Cartoon Children Singing:

Social Media Icons Picture:

Homer Simpson .gif:

Excited Kid with Laptop:

Dylan as Eddie Van Halen Cartoon:

Arthur Rubinstein:

Wacky Drummer Cartoon:

World Class Wreckin’ Cru Pic:

Bass Player Artist Rendering:

Mom & Son with Earbuds:–music-for-parents-who-hate-kids–music-t/

Hohner Accordion:

Bob the Builder Photo:

‘Update’ ClipArt:

Changes Photo:

Construction Worker ClipArt:

Celtic Nations Pins Pic:

Parading Children w/Instruments ClipArt:

Grand Opening Pic:

Arnold Violin:

World Music Text (with as many proper re-direction to original text as possible):

Important Dates Graphic:

Carol Singers:


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